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White striped round 5 bathroom set

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Welcome to Okyanus Home, your destination for premium home products, specializing in high-quality plastics tailored for your bathroom needs. Dive into our exclusive collection of bathroom sets and dispensers, meticulously designed to elevate your bathroom decor while providing practical solutions for everyday use. From sleek and modern designs to durable and functional materials, Okyanus Home offers a wide range of options to suit any style preference. Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and convenience with our thoughtfully curated products. Explore our selection at www.Pazarly.com and experience the epitome of elegance and functionality with Okyanus Home.
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  1. E** E**

    I bought a solid product on a solid product, it came very nice

  2. Mükerrem K.

    It seemed as it looked so beautiful and I was satisfied with it overly carefully packaged 🌸

  3. Ferhat B.

    It is a very nice stylish and successful product.

  4. **** ****

    I liked it very much. I got the discount for 191 pounds. At this price, very good packaging very well, thank you very well

  5. M** c**

    The packaging was nice. I was waiting for the product lighter, but I liked it heavier and more quality than I expected, thank you for the gift to the seller 💖

  6. s** ö**

    I love the quality of the product was very nice cargo was quite intact, the products were hugged one by one I opened the package hardly opened. I didn’t have a gift for everyone, I broke a star from there. 🙁

  7. B** A**

    The product is very, very good than I expected. The color is not ecru, raw white, but also the ocean home tag on it consists of an easily removable sticker. There are advertising phrases that are not glued on their peers. However, this product can be used in a clean and brand -free way. The brush part is composed of frequent and hard bristles. The plastic material has sufficient hardness. When the garbage can cover is touched, it opens easily and does not have to place the lid lifting. It was a very nicely packaged bubble -wrapped band. They also put a toothbrush protective box as a gift. It was a need for my travels. Thank you very much for their efforts and care.

  8. **** ****

    Thank you very much in one word in a great ya🥰hediye

  9. R** A**

    Thank you to the carefully packaged seller, you can buy it safely

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White striped round 5 bathroom set

Introducing the Okyanus Home White Striped Round 5-Piece Bathroom Set, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom. This set includes a toothbrush holder, liquid soap dispenser, solid soap dish, toilet brush, and waste bin. Made from durable plastic, these products are built to last. The measurements are as follows: toothbrush holder (13×7.3 cm), liquid soap dispenser (15.8×8 cm), solid soap dish (2.7×12.6×9 cm), toilet brush (34.2×10.2 cm), and waste bin (22.3×19 cm). With Pazarly, you can elevate your bathroom decor while keeping it organized and functional.

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SKU: 159106175 Categories: , , Brand: