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Cake Pro Sliced ​​Gold Cast Cake Mold

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– High durability with its aluminum cast body
– Rapid and even heat distribution
– Ensures equal and perfect baking from the outside to the inside
– Suitable for SEO and e-commerce
– Product specifications as highlights
– Easy to understand and navigate for customers

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  1. f** k**

    I liked the cake kalibim very much quality and ideal size .. I tried the cake kalibiyla came out I was satisfied.

  2. **** ****

    I bought the quality as a very nice gift, it came solid

  3. Ö** Y**

    I bought it for my dowry, I like it very much, it looks extremely beautiful😍

  4. E** D**

    The color of the beautiful different colors I bought 5 of the others gifts, do not do.

  5. T** G**


  6. E** E**

    I bought a gift very nice

  7. Ç** B**

    I love the most beautiful cake mold I have seen

  8. s** b** d**

    The shape comes out very well.

  9. E** Y**

    I bought it very much, I think it is very big and enough in size.

  10. Rabia Y.

    Very beautiful very high quality cake pattern. He leaves immediately does not make an adhesion.

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Cake Pro Sliced ​​Gold Cast Cake Mold

The Cake Pro Sliced Gold Cast Cake Mold by Karaca is a high-quality aluminum cake mold that offers durability and distributes heat quickly and evenly. With this cake mold, your cake will bake evenly and have a perfect consistency from the inside out. It is designed to provide a seamless baking experience. The Cake Pro Sliced Gold Cast Cake Mold is suitable for all types of cakes and ensures that your baked goods turn out just right. Enhance your baking skills with this reliable and efficient cake mold from Karaca. Available on Pazarly, the leading ecommerce platform.

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SKU: 287597061 Categories: , , Brand: